Creative Ideas When Writing a Photography Blog for Wedding Photographers


Photography blogs for wedding photographers are now one of the most useful online resources for both amateur and professional shutterbugs. These blogs offer all the information, creative ideas and tips to the readers.

If you are planning to have your own photography blog, you need to make sure that the contents that you give are really hot and trending. To give you a kickstart, here are creative tips and subjects that you can integrate in your photography blogs.

Behind the Scenes

One of the most interesting things that you can share to your readers are the Behind the Scenes shots of your photo shoots. This is popularly known as the “pull backs.” In doing this, you will give your audience the chance to know how you actually work on set or in location.

Give out Your Best Advice

Share the best advice’s you can give to your readers by providing specific sites or stores that offer the most impressive photography accessories. Where can they find the best lenses? What are they supposed to wear in different occasions? Your blog posts can be a perfect opportunity to attract vendors or affiliates in which you can start to build a business to business marketing.

A Peek of Your Workplace

Give your readers a glimpse of your workplace. In doing this, your readers will have an idea about the setup of your workplace, your workflow and how you organize your work. Who knows, you may inspire and motivate other photographers to follow your workflow and your ideas at work.

Be a Storyteller

Most people love and relate to interesting stories. Make your wedding photography experiences come alive by sharing something funny or even sad stories to your readers. An anecdote that tells a funny proposal or a very peculiar exchange of vows are worth telling.

What’s Inside your Bag

Sharing what’s inside your bag is another interesting thing that your readers would want to know. Share what things you place inside your camera bag when you’re hitting the road. You can also give tips on how to carry all the stuff that a photographer needs in a hassle-free way. Revealing the contents of your bag is a great way to connect more closely to your readers.

Share your Favorite Attractions

Every photographer should have a favorite place to shoot pictures continuously. These places can be a park, a jungle, a bridge, a garden or a house. Then write something interesting about those places with the pictures, of course.

Writing a photography blog for wedding photographers is one of the most effective ways to attract potential customers while giving a hand to other shutterbugs. Consider the tips above and begin sharing your hottest wedding photos and creative ideas that will surely be enjoyed by your avid readers.