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Avoid Lighting Disasters with JoeyT photography for Outdoor Wedding Pictures in Houston TX

Lighting Disasters to Avoid for Outdoor Wedding Photography in Houston TX

You can relive the memories of your wedding day through your wedding pictures and videos. However, couples can only have a peek of their wedding photographs during their wedding day. The actual wedding album can be on their hands a few days or a week after their wedding. It is only by that time they will discover that some shots are not what they expect to be.

wedding photographerTo help you avoid lighting disasters especially with the lighting, here are some thoughts from JoeyTphotography, Houston photographers wedding for outdoor wedding pictures in Houston TX.

First – the right location. Yes the sun offers natural light that can be perfect for outdoor weddings. However, you need to look for the perfect location with the right amount of natural lighting. Yet, a perfect location cannot bring any good to your wedding photographs without the great amount of light to your subject. If you have found the right location with natural light but lack available light for your subject, create artificial light.

Second – dull or dead eyes. The eyes of the subject, especially of wedding couples, are the most important part of their wedding photographs as it will reveal the great love they have for each other. If the subject’s eyes look dull or dead on cam, the best solution is to have the subject face toward the light source. Moreover, you can change your angle by capturing photographs above the subject and shoot down on them. This will allow the natural light to fall into their eyes.

Third – dappled light effect. The dappled light effect is the speckled light coming from the windows or through trees that fall on the face or skin of the subject. In short, it is a web of shadows and light. The effect can be artistic, but think of the theme of the wedding before trying this effect.

Thorough practice will make your perfect. Learn from all these learning disasters from JoeyTphotography for outdoor wedding pictures in  Houston TX and you will become skilled eventually. For more tips click here.

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