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Clever Ideas in Using Old School Decoration in Wedding Venues in Kansas City, KS

Tips to Use Old School Decoration

Without a doubt, your wedding day is one of the most memorable days of your life. And one way to add drama to your wedding venue is by placing decorations that are suited in your wedding theme. Aside from the usual wedding decorations used, such as flowers and centerpieces, there are more decorations ideas that you can use to make your wedding picture more beautiful and attractive.

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To create unique effects for your wedding, consider these ideas.

One of the most popular old school decorations wedding venues in Kansas City, KS is the confetti. But if you want to use confetti, make sure to let the wedding venue coordinator because this decoration lingers on the ground. It also requires meticulous cleaning up.

When you’re planning to have an outdoor wedding, you can either toss birdseed or blow bubbles. When you use birdseeds, you don’t need to worry about the remnants because the birds will feed on them. With bubbles, you can create a beautiful scene and you don’t have to clean up after.

If you want to have a more romantic atmosphere on your wedding day, release doves, balloons, or butterflies as a symbol of journey and freedom. Butterflies and doves can be a bit costly, so if you want to save, find balloons that are biodegradable. You can write your names on the balloons and let if fly up in the air.

Another old school decoration wedding venues in Kansas City, KS is lighting. Disco balls are perfect for a wedding with an 80’s theme. Strobe lights are also great for a party after the wedding ceremony. Smoke machines are also good but remember that as the smoke rises, it can actually make lousy backdrops for your photos.

Using old school decorations doesn’t mean being cheap and outdated for banquet halls in Kansas City. You can actually create unique wedding decorations with a little creativity and cleverness. Work through your budget and decide which will work on you and which will not for your Kansas City outdoor wedding venues.

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