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Different Bridal Mehndi Indian Wedding Designs for your Wedding Day

Elegant mehndi Indian wedding designs

Use of mehndi Indian Wedding is considered to be a success for Indian weddings and other occasions in eastern countries. It becomes an inseparable part of the rituals. Mehndi in the most cases is mandatory applied by the brides during weddings.

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It is a sign of prosperity that bring happiness and good luck. You will see a lot of women in Pakistan, India and Bangladesh wearing this as temporary tattoos on their hands and feet. There a lot of designs of Mehndi like black and red and some mixed versions. Also, it depends on your personal choice. Here are some examples of bridal mehndi designs to choose from:

Mehndi is not just to decorate your hands, but also your feet. The design for this is ideal for dulhan who will perform certain rites. The pretty motifs will make her feet look more beautiful.

Intricate designs – are very common in mehndi for dulhan because for her special day she wants to amazed everyone present. This kind of style which gives inspiration from Indian temple and works looks very elegant for every bride.

The design for feet is also pretty way to dress up your feet when you are getting married. The use of shading and traditional motifs makes this beautiful choice for the Mehndi Indian Wedding, for your additional reference

When the front and back of the hand needs to be covered in beautiful bridal designs, the next design is meant to do just that. The designs are purely traditional and have floral patterns throughout the hands that is look stunning in the wedding picture.

This design covers the hands palm and just a little part of the arm. This design has small details in it with the total area of the design. The intricate and magnificent details in the fingers and other portions make this design very apt for Mehndi Indian Wedding.

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