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Different Cuts for Your Diamond Wedding Ring Design in San Diego CA

Diamond Cuts for Matrimonial Ring

Diamond has the best features that you can ask for a wedding ring. But it will need to be meticulously cut to have an ideal and very symbolic ring for your marriage. If you do have the money for this expensive stone to put on your ring finger, you have to create the best diamond wedding ring design in San Diego, CA.

The shape or cut of the diamond is a big factor when it comes to creating the design. There are many shapes that you can choose from that will suit your taste and personality.

The most common cut or shape of diamond for rings could be the round. If you want something that is clean and simple but classic, you will never go wrong with a round diamond. Plus, this brilliant cut is considered to be a universal cut for any style and quality of the diamond.

If what you need for your diamond wedding ring is something that looks vintage, emerald is the right choice for you. Even if it has less brilliance unlike the round cut, it has its own charm due to its flat planes where you can add a variety of gemstones on the side. Emerald is one of the first diamond cut that made it in the market.

Delicate and unique, this is what a teardrop shape of a diamond for your wedding ring could stand for. With a pear diamond, you get the combination of the round and marquise. Pear shape diamonds can also differ in appearance that can make your wedding ring on of a kind.

Popular for rings and earrings, princess diamond is the square version of the round cut. It has a pyramidal shape that makes it elegant and classic. This is ideal for the simplicity and brilliance that you have been looking for to make you look fabulous in your wedding photo.

Other cuts that can help you with your diamond wedding ring design in San Diego, CA are oval, heart, trillion, marquise, asscher, radiant, and cushion. Additional info here.

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