Different Toppers for Wedding Cakes in New Orleans, LA

Wedding Cake Toppers in New Orleans

No matter how beautiful and tasty the wedding cakes in New Orleans, LA it is not complete without a topper. When choosing design and decoration for your wedding cake it is crucial to take into consideration the type of topper that you are going to put on the top of the cake. Toppers are also considered as your cake identity that will represent your personality. There are different types of toppers that are available in the market today, the only issues is that you don’t know what and how to choose. Toppers may vary prices depending on the design and size.

Wedding CakeWhen choosing a New Orleans wedding cakes topper it is important to consider the theme of the cake. If you are going have summer wedding you can opt for toppers like shells, corals and marine creatures made from sculpted chocolates, this will surely fit not only to the theme of the cake but to the entire wedding idea which will look stunning in your wedding photo. However, if you are going to have elegant and simple indoor wedding theme, you can pick a letter initial of your name and your partner and decorated with studs or semi-precious gems. Choosing the right topper for wedding cakes in New Orleans, LA will make your cake look expensive.

In choosing topper it is important that you consider the price of the topper. The more the intricate the design are, the expensive it would be. Therefore, if you are in a tight budget you need to pick a simple design made from affordable materials. If you want to put a personal touch and you have the talent in crafting you can create your own topper. This is also ideal if you want to save a couple of dollars.

Aside from wedding cakes you can also put topper in your wedding cupcakes. These mini cakes are being display in wedding venue together with the wedding cake. In modern time, bakers offer cupcakes to incorporate wedding cakes.

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