Essentials of an Engagement Ring in Chicago IL

What Does an Engagement Ring Represents?

So you have found the “one”. You are ready to take her and ride in into forevermore. You are ready to propose your love to her. The ring is very important thing that is being given to a woman. It serves as many things. It represents so many things. A ring is given by a man to a woman when they agree to marry each other. In short, the engagement rings in Chicago IL represents promise of marriage. If you think that’s all there is within the story of a ring, there are more to know of that, view more here

ringEngagement rings in Chicago IL symbolizes love, devotion and fidelity a couple shares. It means when you are together for so long, long enough to know that both of you are meant for each other. You can’t hide the fact that, both of you need to take it to the next level. The very shape and design of a ring that you choose to be given to her, has additional symbolism that many couples incorporate.

Normally, engagement rings are just circles of metals crafted to be a sacred part of symbolic geometry. Circles have no beginning and it has no ending as well. That means, you are asking the love of your life for an eternal bond. It represents eternity, renewal, wholeness and perfection. This are the things that is hatch within that ring.

Ancient Romans believed that the practice of placing the ring on the left ring finger, which they believed contained “vena amoris” or vein of love which is connected to the heart is essential. Other cultures, started to do the same thing. Even in today’s era, this practice is still remained. Maybe, you did not know of this but now, you are. Choosing the right ring will create a perfect image to your wedding.

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