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Etiquette Guide in Writing and Addressing Wedding Invitations

Wedding Invitation Etiquette

A traditional and surprising way to announce that you are getting married is to send out the wedding invitations. Family and friends from out-of-town, city and country will be thrilled to discover you are finally tying the knot. The wedding invitation is also helpful for the couple to finalize their wedding plans, especially the head count. Likewise, the invitation card is also a beneficial tool to answer the guests’ questions.

While the guests will appreciate that you invited them over the phone, they will have a lot of questions, like who, where and when. You can answer these questions over the phone, but not everyone has a long-term memory or a pen and paper with them at all times. Thus, sending them a wedding invitation card is safer. Well there is a big BUT, especially when writing and addressing the guests in the invitation card. Find out how you can properly word your wedding invitations.

  1. Doctors, reverends, and military personnel should have their professional titles spelled out in the invitation card. Spell out General, Reverend, Major, etc. before their names in the invitations. For guests who have no titles, you can use nonprofessional title abbreviations like Ms., Miss, Mr. and Mrs. Make sure to use full names instead of their nicknames.
  2. The Street, Boulevard or Avenue in the address must be spelled out too. The days of the week, dates, months, times and numbers for invitations should also be spelled out. This should be highly considered especially for formal and black tie weddings. Informal and semiformal weddings can freely use numbers in the invitation card. It is also wise to include a photograph of the venue so that it can easily be found.
  3. Gift information, registry or suggestions must never be included in the invitation. This is considered in the wedding gift etiquette. If you have a wedding registry, it is best to spread it by word or post the link in your wedding website.
  4. Directions to the ceremony and reception venue and lodging information can be included in the card, but on a separate enclosure card. To save you from paper and ink, add these details on your wedding website.
  5. A simple and kind way to write in the invitation card, for the guests to know whom you are inviting, write “Mr. Smith” if only he is invited, or “Mr. and Mrs. Smith” if both are invited and not their children, and lastly “Mr. and Mrs. Smith and children” if the entire whole family is invited.

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