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Gemstone Alternatives for Wedding and Engagement Rings in Houston, Texas that Can Replace Diamond

Several Alternatives for Diamond Rings

Diamonds are bride’s best friends. But not for everyone. Although these timeless pieces of stones are stunning, they’re also rather expensive and a little too classic. So if you want another great alternative options of wedding and engagement rings in Houston, Texas, here are several gemstones that can make you forget the rather expensive diamonds.

wedding and engagement ringsAmethysts

The allure of this purple stone has fascinated many women since then. Being grade 7 on the Mohs scale, amethysts rings are still very durable and can be made into whatever cut you want. To create a romantic combination, set an amethyst with silver or rose gold. This stone is a hype in terms of macro wedding photography.


Over the last few years, turquoise rings have become trendy and many ring designers have been using this lovely stone in their collections. Turquoise stones range from pure bright blue to pale blue hues. At 5 to 7 in Mohs scale, turquoise stones are great to be cut in any design that you wish.


Sapphire stones are typically blue in color, but they also come in other shades of color such as white, green, peach, pink, and yellow. Being the third hardest mineral on earth, sapphire stones are perfect substitute for diamonds.


One of the most popular options for engagement and wedding rings, morganite gemstones are known to be symbols of femininity, purity, and romance. Sitting between 7.5 to 8 grade on Mohs scale, morganite stones are durable and can last more than a lifetime.


Emerald stones are known for their distinct and beautiful green tone, which makes these stones popular for wedding and engagement rings in Houston, Texas. At 7 to 8 grade on Mohs scale, emeralds are both timeless and chic.


You can never go wrong with pearl rings. Since then, pearls are iconic and timeless especially when they’re set in a luxe antique setting. But because pearls are made from calcium carbonate and only on the 2 to 4 grade on Mohs scale, they can scratch and tarnish easily when not handled properly.

These are only some of the gemstones that can be great alternatives for diamond stones. Choose the one that tickles your fancy and give your loved one a stunning piece of jewellery.


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