Give Your Partner a Birthstone Engagement Ring in Long Beach, CA

Birthstone Engagement Rings for Your Loved One

Do you want to give a unique and more personalized engagement ring to your partner? If so, consider giving your loved one with birthstone engagement rings in Long Beach, CA.

Every month of the year in the calendar is associated with a specific gemstone, each signifying special meaning. Check out this list of calendar’s months and their corresponding birthstone.

The month of January is symbolized by garnet, which signifies prosperity and long life.

If your partner was born on the month of February, give your partner a ring with an amethyst stone on it. Amethyst is believed to increase the person’s intelligence and wisdom.

For the month of March, aquamarine is its corresponding birthstone. Since then, an aquamarine stones in believed to symbolize happiness and understanding.

April’s birthstone is diamond. So if your partner’s birthday is on the month of April, give him or her an engagement ring with a diamond setting. Diamond is the favorite of many wedding photographers because it looks good in micro photography.

A person’s birthstone when he or she was born on the month of May, is emerald. Emerald is a stone that represents faith and eternal love.

Pear is the birthstone of June, which represents purity and chastity.

Standing for devotion and good health, ruby is the stone for those who were born on July.

Signifying success and dignity, peridot is the corresponding birthstone for the month of August.

When your partner was born on September, give him or her a sapphire engagement ring in Long Beach, CA.

Opal is perfect for those born on October while yellow topaz is the birthstone for November-born individuals.

Lastly, give your partner a blue topaz if he or she is born on the month of December. This stone symbolizes strength and endurance, many choices here

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