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How to Keep Up to Date with Your Whole Wedding Planning Phase

Solving Problems with Something as Simple as Taking Notes

There are many simple tips to getting the dream wedding you have always dreamt of. If you’re not planning on hiring a planner or someone to take charge of your wedding then you will need some help during the planning and arranging process. Here are a couple of tips that can help you on your wedding day and some tips to keep you leveled.

Marriage LifeEverything you need is Google Docs. This is important, you may have your notebooks, pads and such but Google docs are great in this modern day and age. With internet so accessible to anyone you

In the event that you must give favors, give food. Try not to give your visitors something they’re simply going to discard. They would appreciate a good night filled with booze and food much more.

Limit your alternatives. There are just so many alternatives or choices out there that may make your choices even harder. Limit them, like when picking a wedding dress have only one style and shape in mind and go for dresses in that style and shape, don’t go around fitting every dress you can find. The same can be said about any wedding element such as photographer. This can also be applied to venues, the venues you could choose from are so many, try to think of what you are looking for in a venue, how big it will be, let’s say you want an outdoor venue, that limits all your venue choices to only the outdoor ones.

What’s more, don’t settle for only one choice either. Widen your choices, don’t just go to one venue for example and settle on it. Make sure you give yourself a good number of different options so you can make an intelligent decision between them.

Ask nicely for freebies or discounts, it won’t hurt. Many vendors or even venues offer discounts if you ask them, especially on off-peak wedding months.

Regard your bridesmaids as you might want to be dealt with. Don’t just think your bridesmaids are just there for show or even your guests. Treat them well and they will enjoy your wedding. Sure your bridesmaids are there to help you on your wedding day, or even before that during the planning and preparation process but make sure you keep them happy and not overwork or take advantage of them, this also includes other friends or family members who are helping you in your wedding.

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