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Important Elements That Needs to Be Included in a Wedding Invitation

Wedding Invitation Etiquette

wedding cardWhen it comes to inviting guests to the wedding, one must think about unique and splendid ways to design a wedding invitation. There are many kinds of wedding invitation that you can find if you look online. From simple, unique, colorful and extravagant wedding invitations, you can always find a lot of ideas that you can incorporate into your own wedding.

If you want, you can always incorporate your hobbies and favorites when planning the design of the invitation. For instance, if you both love to read, you can design an invitation that looks like a book and include a line from your favorite novel. If you both love to watch movies, you can hand out invitations that look like a ticket. There are many ideas that you can do when designing the invitation.

On the other hand, you must also learn about proper wedding invitation etiquettes. The following are the vital elements that should be included in the wedding invitation.

The name of the bride and groom – It is always interesting to discuss about whose name should go first. Some believe that the name of the groom should go first while others believe that the name of the bride should be listed first. You can always meet halfway when making a decision.

The mane, date and location o the wedding – make sure that the date and time written are clear and exact. If you would like the wedding to start at 5 pm, you should put the time as 4:30 pm so that there is enough time for the guests to be seated and prepare before the ceremony starts.

The date, time and location of the reception – If you have a different venue for the reception, make sure to include that in the wedding invitation as well. You can also place a map or instruction on the invitation so that the guests who are not that familiar about the place will not get lost.

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