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Important Things to Prepare When Planning a Formal Black-Tie Wedding Event

Tips in Preparing a Formal Wedding Ceremony

Always dreaming of a seamless, elegant, and formal wedding event? If so, you might want to consider having a black-tie wedding ceremony and reception.

It may sound quite fascinating; however, you need to make sure that all the details of your formal wedding event are taken care of meticulously and elegantly.

Here are tips in planning a black-tie wedding event. Consider following them and show your guests your good taste, glamour, and grand gestures.

First, announce your wedding in a classic and formal way. Send out wedding invitation cards written in blank ink on an ivory or ecru paper. To do this, you may need to hire a skilled calligrapher to handwrite the texts or you may use a computer software to create your invitations.

Formal WeddingSecond, select a dramatic and glamorous wedding venue. Having a formal wedding party would mean candlelight dinner, halls with high ceilings, and captivating candelabras that illuminate the room without making it hard to see other people across the room. When it comes to the flower choices, always pick roses in red or white colors.

Third, when choosing your wedding dress, the rule of the thumb is this: less is more. Wear an A-line wedding gown that looks elegantly simple and clean. But you can be excessive on the train of your gown. Take note that the more formal you go, the longer the train of the gown becomes. For the groom, he should wear a tuxedo with black tie or tails with white tie. This will also hep you to obtain classic-elegant wedding photographs.

Lastly, when it comes to the party, the character of the event should be a “cocktail.” Hire bartenders and have them serve classic martinis or a signature drink by the two of you. Then, have a multi-course meal which includes an appetizer, salad, main course, entree, desserts, and coffee. On top of this, use elegant china and silverware for every course.

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