Mistakes to Avoid When Booking Wedding DJs in NYC NY

Tips in Avoiding Mistakes on DJs

One of the most popular entertainment in wedding today is – the wedding DJ. DJs are very known because of their various benefits for weddings such as making the crowd alive which is favorite subject of many wedding photographers. Because they are a little cheaper than hiring a band, most couple prefer to hire them for their wedding day. But, when you are planning in booking wedding DJs in NYC NY, there are some things that you should be aware of. Mistakes can always happen especially when you are in the entertainment industry. So, if you want to avoid these mistakes in booking wedding DJs in NYC NY.

Wedding DJNot meeting your DJ before your big day. Everyone wants their wedding day to be perfect but, making this kind of mistake will haunt you for the rest of your days. Meeting your DJ before your wedding day is very important, here are the lists www.top10weddingvendors.com/nyc/nyc-djs/.

Facing your DJ will help you determine the playlist that he made and you can also help out on the music. You can also tell if you don’t like the songs and do some changes before your big day comes.

Choosing your wedding DJ on price alone. If you are going to hire a wedding DJ, do not go with the price alone. If you think cheaper DJs are already good for your wedding, you might be wrong. Some DJs are scammers and your wedding will be ruined instantly. So, don’t trust the price of a DJ, you need to do some researching and investigation when you are hiring vendors for your wedding day.

Forgetting to make a “Do not play” list. This kind of list is very important. An actual playlist needs to be considered in your wedding day because this will become the DJs guide. You can give him a list of what songs you do not want to hear on your wedding day. Imagine what will happen to your wedding when you forgot to give a “Do not play” list to your wedding DJ. What a nightmare will it be? So, be aware of this mistake.

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