How to Ride Wedding Limo Transportation in Philadelphia, PA with Poise?

Etiquette in Riding a Limousine Service

Have you been dreaming of the chance to arrive at your wedding ceremony in a stretch limousine since you were a kid? If you are, you may rent a wedding limo transportation in Philadelphia PA when your wedding event is near. Limousines are very large and has enough space for your ball gown to fit in. It has so many benefits besides that. However, when you are thinking of a wedding limo transportation in Philadelphia PA, there are some rules that you need to keep in mind. Here are some of them:


It should be a concern for all passengers and drivers.  Limo in Philadelphia companies will not transport more persons than the law allows. It is highly recommended that the party organizer rent a higher capacity limo than the amount of people in the party. More space allows for a comfortable and safer ride.

Respect the Limousine

Limousine companies pays a huge price for a luxurious ride that they share with you. Treat the ride with respect and common sense. You also need to take care of it because it is only rented for your elegant wedding entrance. As far as privacy during service, it is usually at the chauffeur’s discretion whether the privacy windows are up or down.

All basic laws apply to all persons riding a limo

These laws include underage drinking, drug use and even standing through the sunroof. These are very important rules that all of your guests and even you need to know. If caught, a limo customer can be held responsible for their actions. So, make your ride great by not making any mistake.

Many of wedding photographs, today includes limo as props so if you want to have stylish photos then having a limo in your wedding is advisable.

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