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Some Common Mistakes Many Brides Make When Planning for their Wedding

Where Brides Could Possibly Go Wrong

weddingBeing the bride, it in only natural to be the one who is more hands-on in planning and preparing for the wedding. However, mistakes are inevitable. These are the common mistakes many brides commit when it comes to their wedding.

Going with the trend

Instead of planning a wedding that fits the bride’s style and personality, one always go for what’s latest. If you have attended a wedding event before and you wish to do the same or if you have seen ideas that you would like to do for your wedding, then you are disregarding the chance to having a wedding that is meant only for you. The first thing you have to do is to ask yourself what kind of wedding would you like to have. Just because a wedding style in in the trend will mean that it will work for you too.

Not considering the guests

If you fail to do this, then your guests will certainly not enjoy fully this day of yours. From choosing the wedding venue, preparing your food catering, transportation and lodging, you have to make time to make everything convenient for them.

Not hiring a wedding planner

Especially if you don’t have a long time to prepare for your wedding, you will spend the rest of your remaining single days cramming just to make sure everything on your wedding will go well. Even if you did hire one but only one week before the date, it will still make everything a hassle for you. There are many wedding planners with hourly rate today. When you hire one, planning and preparing for your wedding is smoother and you may be able to finish early.

Going for DIY wedding catering

Even if you wish to show off your family’s best recipes for your wedding food, DIY catering is not advisable if you don’t have much time and people to help you preparing for it. Wedding experts say that it is best and, in fact, more practical to hire a wedding caterer. If you still wish to do a bit of  your special dishes, then you could be in charge of the appetisers and/or desserts.

Not planning and preparing ASAP

Last-minute preparations that could take all your time and energy is something every bride should not go through. This always happens for brides who don’t start their wedding planning and preparation as soon as they can. It is recommended to allot at least a year to prepare for weddings. This will give you enough time to create your own wedding concept, look for the best vendors, and budget your money.


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