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Outside the Box Wedding Venues in Miami FL to Break the Tradition

Amazing Places to Wed Unusually

These days, more and more couples break the tradition when it comes to the choice of the wedding venue. For these types of people, unusual wedding locations create their dream weddings and wedding photos. If you’re one of those people, you need to choose outside the box wedding venues in Miami, Florida. Follow these tips when looking for unorthodox wedding venues that will surely wow your guests.

Destination weddings.

Many couples today are choosing to tie the knot in the same location of their honeymoon. Usually, it’s on a tropical island, during a cruise, or on a ski resort. These couples choose to invite their families to join them in their celebration, and giving their guests time to have a short vacation as well.

Public Parks.

You might think that a public park is not a usual place to hold a wedding ceremony, but this is exactly the point. Unusual garden wedding venues in Miami FL are places you’d never think a wedding can be done. In public parks, there are tall trees around you, and plenty of green fields which can serve as the perfect backdrop for a lovely wedding.

Under the sea.

Exchanging your vows underwater is one of the most unusual and exciting wedding ceremony today. Why not put on your scuba gear, plunge into the blue sea, join the fishes, and exchange your “I do’s.”

Up in the Air.

For people who are more adventurous, marrying up in the air is surely a thrilling outside the box wedding venues in Miami, Florida. Get married in hot air balloons, in a plane, or even while skydiving or bungee jumping.

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