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Tips on How to Save Money for Wedding Day

Money Saving Tips for Bridesmaids

1In most cases, it is the bride who financed the wedding. Though such idea is true but you can’t deny the fact that as a bridesmaid you still need to pay for something and it can also get quite costly. Keep in mind that the bride may not capable of sustaining things because she need to pay the services and vendors for the wedding. However, there are couple of things that you can do in order to save couple of dollars.

Reuse shoes

If you’ve been a bridesmaid you may think of reusing the shoes for another wedding. It is crucial that when purchasing pair of shoes you need to consider not only the quality but also the functionality. It would be great to invest for pair shoes that can be reuse not only for a wedding but also to different events. It will not only save you money but it will help you to save time in hunting for new one. It is advisable to store the shoes properly to maintain the quality. Make sure to clean it before keeping it in a box.

One at a time

Organize your date. You may love to consider being a bridesmaid but keep in mind that you can’t take every invitation. It should be one at a time. It will cost you from transportation, unscheduled met-ups, fitting, shopping, and even buying ticket for a destination wedding. Organizing your date will help you save lot of money. It would be great if you will take note all of your activities in an organizer or planner. In this case, you can adjust everything.


Learn to prioritize. Often, couple create gift list. It is ideal to check the list right away in order to get the most affordable item. Don’t be left with the most expensive. Also, when you say prioritize know what you need to buy first and what to reuse. In this case, you will be spending less to less important things.


While others tend to purchase new things for the wedding, it would be great to try DIY. Couple always appreciates effort and time. You can always give DIY gift, it is less expensive and personalized. There are hundreds or even thousands of ideas online were you can use like sending out photographs for the souvenir. Since it is DIY it may take a lot of time, in this case, start thinking what you want. The sooner you start, the better.

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