Considering Wedding Catering in Oklahoma City OK

Cost Effective Tapas Reception

If you’re stressing out over all the wedding catering offers in Oklahoma City OK, then why not do a little research first before you head out looking for the perfect catering service. One thing that would always bother us is the budget. Yes, how much are we going to spend? It’s safe to say if you’re going to go all out on feeding your guests, catering can consume at least half if not majority of your whole wedding budget.

But you are in luck, because not all wedding catering services in Oklahoma City OK should be expensive. How much you spend on your wedding catering is up to you, one style of wedding catering that you can do is the tapas reception. A tapas reception can be either expensive or cheap it will depend on you. A tapas style reception is purely made out of cocktails and appetizers which could be the perfect option for a couple who are looking into their budget.

This style is probably the least stressful and the most budget friendly. If you are thinking about getting a cash bar then we would suggest the tapas style reception, but you need to ask yourself this question. Would you asking your guests at your home to pay for the drinks you provide them? If not then if you could afford one adding a bar to the reception will be a good accompaniment to the tapas style reception, click for additional info.

And since a tapas reception will typically run for around two hours then you will definitely be saving much more money compared to a plated meal reception. In addition to saving on food you will also be spending less on additional items such as dinner tables and chairs rentals. You can also add photo booth for your guest so that they can enjoy the wedding party after meal.

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