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How a Wedding Dress can Enhance Your Best Features in Los Angeles, CA?

Tips to Know How to Beautify You in Your Chosen Dress

Being honest with yourself will give you extra boost of confidence in your wedding day; it means that you are truly embracing yourself in terms of body shape and etc. If you want to have a good wedding dress in Los Angeles, CA that will go coherent with your dress, make sure that you know how to play along with your feature. Yes, features, not otherwise, as other women see their body parts as liabilities.   

Wedding Dress3Here are some of the professional advice tips when working with your features:

Chubby Arms

Many women suffer this kind of fate as it is good to always eat rather than starving themselves. Well, there are two kinds of arms, the one that is fully rounded (chubby) and the other one that is too saggy. You can hide you chubby or saggy arm by wearing a long sleeve dress. If you visit a shop, you will see a lot of long sleeved dresses that will surely assist in disguising your thick arms.

However, marrying during summertime will force you not to wear long sleeved dress. In order to best cover your arms during this time, try to pair it with a lace shawl. This shawl will give you an upper hand since it can hide your arms at the same time people will deem you as classy, especially in the picture.


A big bust

Brides that are heavy when it comes to their bust area are usually helped by dresses with necklines that are plunging. According to bridal stylists, dresses that are simple and free from extras like frills and fluff are usually the best choice. However, you should be extra careful since there is a tendency that plunging necklines can reveal your bust part. If you wear one, make sure to pair with correct undergarments. Skinny fabrics are also not encouraged to be used on the dress’ top.


Bulging tummies are very common among brides who are not really keen when it comes to workout and diet. However, it is not a bad thing if you have a bulging stomach. The bad thing is when you wear a dress that will expose it. In order to neutralize this kind of body part, make sure to get empire and A-line dresses. These dresses will be able to flatter your waist so you will look slim.


There are brides who have naturally heavy waist, a dress that is styled in full skirt is really the best one to wear. For brides who have very slim top yet busy hips, the best dress format is the one with princess style. A princess dress will be able to enhance the top of the wearer at the same time hide the heavy bottom. For other brides who have big hips, mermaid dresses may also work for as long as the shape of the body is more of an hourglass rather than slim top.


This is the common problem of brides, being petite. The last thing you want is wearing a dress that will surely overpower you. Make sure that you are taller or heavier than your dress. If you are short, it does not mean you cannot wear wedding dress in Los Angeles, CA that is having a train style.  

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