What to Avoid Before Getting Pre-wedding Houston, TX Laser Hair Removal Treatment

What to Avoid Before Laser Hair Removal

If you are having trouble with your hair and you want it removed before the wedding to achieve beautiful bridal portrait, you can always visit a reputable local clinician regarding the process of removing them. Nowadays, you don’t need to worry of painful traditional hair removal treatment as there is a new type of method in town, laser treatment, more details here renovalaser.com/.

Laser hair removalLaser hair removal before wedding in Houston, TX, according to most customers, is less painful, fast and efficient. Due to its convenience, it is getting popular especially for brides who are dreaming of clear skin that is free from hair growth. However, there are some things that you need to know as a patient before undergoing the treatment:

(1) For patients who have white hair, the laser treatment is not effective. In order to remove your white hair, it will be artificially darkened first so that laser can be able to target the hair.

(2) If you are scheduled for treatment, there is a need to avoid removing your hair by the roots like waxing and tweezing. Clinicians will advise you not to do such hair removal method six weeks before the scheduled treatment for the best outcome. However, you are allowed to shaved or perform depilatory.  

(3) While it is true that in general laser treatments are less painful, there is still the possibility that you will experience pain. According to experts, in order to minimize pain during treatments, make sure to choose clinics with good treatment facility. A good clinic applies coolant spray before the process is being started to minimize pain. Other clinics are also using long wavelength like Alexandrite laser because of its ability to penetrate roots that are deeper.

(4) In order to avoid skin damage, make sure to get a consultation from the nearest laser treatment clinic. Before you undergo the treatment, the clinician should be able to conduct a test pulse to gauge your skin.

(5) Clinicians are also advising that you should shave closely before the scheduled treatment as this will minimize the feeling of pain while your skin is being treated by the laser light. Aside from shaving, you can also drinking beverages with caffeine a day or 24 hours before the treatment. Avoiding coffee will help you avoid pain plus you will also feel relaxed.

Laser hair removal before wedding in Houston, TX will still give you the sensation of pain. According to experts, the sensation of pain is comparable to your skin being slapped by a rubber band. As the treatment undergoes, you can also give you clinician feedbacks of the pain you are feeling so the laser’s intensity will be adjusted accordingly.

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